Curriculum Vitae

Linda Jansson Lothe

Born in Gothenburg, Sweden 1963


Practical pedagogical education, OsloMet, Norway 2014-2016

Master of ceramics, Oslo National Academy of the arts, Norway 1988-1993

University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Glass  and Ceramics, Stockholm, Sweden 1987-1988

Capellagården, Crafts Foundation, Ceramics, Öland, Sweden 1985-1987

Member ship

The Artists Association of Sweden 2021-

The Association of Norwegian Sculptors  2020-

Norwegian Association of Arts and Crafts from 1993-

BONO, Norwegian visual artist copyright society

Stipendium / Grants

Miscellaneous grant, Arts and Culture Norway 2023

10 year Government Grants for senior artists 2020

1 year Specialization grant, Norwegian Crafts Association 2018

2 years Government Grants for Artist 2014-2016

2 years Government Grants for Artist 2010-2012

3 years Government Grants for Artist 2004-2007

STIKK, travel grant Norwegian crafts/Foreign ministry of affairs 2015, 2016, 2019, 2021

Exhibition grant, Norwegian Arts Council 1997, 2000, 2002, 2010, 2018

Norwegian Government Artist material grant 2000

Norwegian Government Artist Travel grant 1998

Debutant grant for artist, Norwegian Arts Council 1997

Norwegian Government Education grants for Artists 1996

Establishing Grant, Norwegian Arts Council 1996

Equipment support, Norwegian cultural fund 1993

Manufacturer J.L. Eklunds stipendium, Sweden 1998-1990

Financial support and Prices

Honorable mention in the 11th international competition of the Korean international Biennale 2021

Honorable mention in the Korean International Ceramic Biennale 2019

International Competition, with the art group AvArt 2019

Haystack Scholarship, American-Scandinavian Foundation 2012

Villvinprisen, Norway 2010

Oslo city cultural price, Norway 2008


«Can you hear me», Nordic exhibition with 20 artists, FAB Art gallery, Galleria FAB, University of Arts, Tirana, Albania. Co-curator with Mats Jansson, Nääs gallery, Göteborg 2022

Nordic exhibition founded by Danish Art found, Swedish cultural fund, STIKK;Norwegian crafts/ Ministry of Foreign affairs 2022


Sintra gallery, Gothenburg Sweden 2023

Nääs Craft, Nääs,Sweden 2021

RAM gallery, showroom, «Sailing on your own, Oslo, Norway 2020                                

Skaga, in collaboration with dancer Maria Lothe, Gallery Ramsmoen, Tynset, Norway 2019

Skaga, in collaboration with dancer Maria Lothe, Galleri Tøysentralen, Tolga, Norway 2019

Gallery Blås & Knåda, Stockholm Sweden 2016

Konstepidimin, Gothenburg, Sweden 2015

Hå gamle prestegård, Norway 2014

Nääs Konsthantverk, Nääs, Sweden 2012

Akershus Kunstsenter, Norway 2010

Galleri FORMAT, Bergen, Norway 2007

Natthagen galleri, Løten, Norway 2006

RAM Galleri, Oslo, Norway 2002

Bærums kunsthåndverk, Norway 1999

Lillehammer kunstforening, Norway 1999

Hordaland kunstnersenter, Bergen, Norway 1997

Group exhibitions (in selection)

«Blue collar, White collar», Project room, Galleri Format, Oslo, Norway 2021

Korea International Ceramic Biennale, South Korea 2021

«Blue collar, White collar», Project room, galleri Kraft, Bergen, Norway     2020

Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale, South Korea 2019

«Blue collar,White collar» Buskerud Art center, Drammen, Norway 2018

Dialouge b10 KHÅK art hall, Aalesund, Norway 2017

«Blue collar, White collar», Nääs konsthantverk, Gothenburg, Sweden 2017

Galleri Semmingsen, Oslo, Norway 2015

«Mellomrom», Perfomance med dans/Keramikk, Trinity Laban Conservatoire of music and dance, London 2015

Galleri Semmingsen «Hamskifte», Oslo 2015

Finnskogutstillingen, Norway 2012

Vevringutstillingen, Norway 2011

«Essens», Kunstbanken, Hamar, Norway 2010

Norvegian Ceramics and glass, Lasalle College of arts, Singapore 2009

«Still Life», anniversary exhibition AvArt, Kunstristen galleri, Oslo, Norway    2007

Anniversary exhibition på Akerhus kunstsenter 20 år, Norway 2006

«Nordiskt konsthantverk», Varberg museum, Sweden 2005

«Typisk Norsk», Vigelandsmuseet, Oslo, Norway och Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg, Germany 2005

«Milli fiore», Hå gamle prestegaard,Norway 2004

Keramische museum, Düsseldorff, Germany 2004

«Figures in Norwegian ceramics», Traveling exhibition. Norwegian Foreign Affairs 2003

«19 Ceramics», Galleri Format, Oslo, Norway 2003

«Baroque», Christiansands kunstforening, Norway 2001

«See Norwegian crafts» project exhibition, Bergen, Norway 2001

«Vanitas», Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo,  2000

«Coffe, tee og chokolate» Kunstindustrimuseet, Oslo, Norway  2000

«Lyspunkt», Galleri Akershus Kunstnersenter, Norway 1999

«Nordisk keramikktriennal», traveling exhibition, Museum of History, Stockholm, Sweden 1998

«Tendenser», galleri F15, Jeløya, Norway 1998

«EXPO-Lera», Västerås konstmuseum, Sweden 1998

International crafts fair, Munchen, Germany 1998

«In loco rytme», Sørlandets kunstmuseum, Risør kunstforening, Norway 1997

«Talente 96», München, Germany 1996

Annual exhibitions

The annual exhibition of Norwegian crafts, Tromsø, Norway 2020

The annual exhibition of Norwegian crafts, «Blue collar, white collar» Hydrogenfabrikken Fredrikstad Norway 2018

Utstillingen 09, Norwegian crafts, Nasjonalmuséet, Oslo, Norway 2009

Triennalen for smykker, tre og metall, Norway 2004

Keramikktriennalen, Vigelandsmuseet, Norway  2003

Norwegian crafts, The annual exhibition 1993, 1995, 1997, 1998

Collections and Museums

The National Museum of art design and architecture; Oslo, Norway 2022

The Museum of Applied Arts, (Now; The National Museum) Oslo, Norway 1996, 1999, 2002, 2005

The City of Oslo Art Collection 2020

Tynset hospital, Norway 2019

Tynset municipality, Norway 2019

Bærum municipality, Norway 2019

Kode, The Museum of Applied Arts, Western Norway 1999, 2000, 2018, 2020

The Museum of Applied Arts, Mid Norway 2000,2006 2018,2020

The Art unit, West, Region Västra Götaland, Sweden 2017,2021

The Art unit, West, Region Västra Götaland, Sweden 2012

Finnskogens Art Collection, Norway 2012

Agder energi, Kristiansand, Norway 2010

UD, Norwegian Embassy, Copenhagen, Denmark 2007

St. Olav hospital, Trondheim, Norway 2006

Øystre Slidre Primary school, Valdres, Norway 2001

The Museum of Applied Arts, mid Norway 2007, 1999

The Museum of Applied Arts, Western Norway 2007, 2001, 1999

Fund for commissioned Art Works, Norwegian Arts Council 1998

Norwegian Arts Council 1997

Akershus Arts center, Pilotgalleriet, Norway 1996

Several works in private collections: Sweden, Germany, Denmark, UK, Norway

Public Comissions

The Cultural House in Tolga, Norway 2022

Frejaskolan, Primary school, Gothenburg, Sweden 2016-2018

Lillestrøm Dental Clinic, Norway 2011

Hotell SAS Radisson, Gardermoen Airport Hotel, Norway 2004

Serenade of the seas, Royal Caribean Cruise Line 2003

Gullhella Residential care, Norway 2002

Brilliance of the seas, Royal Caribean Cruise Line 2002

Radiance of the seas, Adventurer of the seas, Royal Caribean Cruise Line 2001

Explorer of the seas, Royal Caribean Cruise Line 2000

Purchased to a secretary office in Trøndelag, Norway 2000

Travel and studies

Guldagergaard international research center (artist in residence), Skælsør, Denmark2018

New York, USA2012

Dhaka, Bangladesh2010

Czech Republic2008

New York, USA2005

Spain1996, 1998

Crete, Greece1995


Travel, courses and studies

«Writings methods in artistic practice», University of Gothenburg 2024

The Centre for Ceramic Art (CCA), Ringebu, Norway 2023

Guldagergaard international research center (artist in residence), Skælsør, Denmark 2018

Sculptural ideas, Haystack Mountain school of arts and Crafts, USA 2012,

New York, USA 2012

«Sculptural Ideas», Anton Reijndeers, Haystack Mountain school 2012

Dhaka, Bangladesh 2010

Concrete for Art Works; Gerlesborgskolan, Sweden 2009

Czech Republic 2008

New York, USA 2005

Photoshop for artists, Oslo National Academy of the arts, Norway 2004

Spain 1996, 1998

Crete, Greece 1995

Turkey 1990

Professional Activities

Member of the board, Buskerud Art Centre, Norway 2021-

Lecture: «Norwegian Crafts», at Galerie FAB, University of the Arts, Tirana, Albania 2022

Member of the committee for Government Grants for Artist 2021

Regional chairman for the Norwegian crafts association, Oslo 2018-2020

Film screening of «Rhytm of the hands» and artist talk with the

Artist group AvArt, Moderator Mona J.Hoel, Buskerud Art centre 2018

Panel debate and film screening «Rhytm of the hands» and artist

talk with the Artist group AvArt, Kunstnernes hus, Oslo, Norway 2018

Norwegian Crafts, ceramic art representative in the Norwegian

Craft Acquisition Fund 2013-2017

External examiner for bachelor students, Oslo National

Academy of the arts, Norway 2010, 2015

Chairman in jury for Exhibition Stipend 2010, 2012

Lecturer at Bengal gallery of fine arts «Contemporary

Norwegian Ceramics and Glass», Dhaka, Bangladesh 2010

Lecturer and supervisor at faculty of fine arts, university

of Dhaka and Chittagong, Bangladesh 2010

Teacher in Visual Arts at Cultural School, Norway 2007

Supervisor at the Department of Product Design, OsloMet, Norway 2006

«Childrens prints», Art Project in Kindergarten, Norway 2006

Art Intermediary, Oslo Museum of applied arts, Oslo, Norway 2006

Member of the board at Akershus Art center, Norway 2004

Art Consultant, Runni secondary school, Årnes 2002-2003

Art Consultant, Sørumsand high school, Norway 2001-2003

Project Manager for the Norwegian arts Association

Annual exhibition, Galleri F-15, Jeløya, Norway 1999-2001

Akershus Art center, Norway, Trainer in Ceramics 1998-2000

Akershus Art Center, Art Intermediary, DKS 1998-2009

Decorative Painter, Norwegian Broadcasting NRK, freelance 1996-1998


Silkscreen for Ceramic artists, National Academy of the arts, Oslo, Norway 2003

Publikations, articles and reviews (in selection)

On interdisciplinary research methods in the arts: 2022

Norwegian Crafts Association Film: The Art visit 2020

RAM publications: «Sailing on your own»; av Joakim Borda- Pedreira 2020
Dogma Film and Ceramic art: The Case of ‘Blue Collar – White Collar’
Arild Berg, Mona J. Hoel, Elise Kielland, Linda J. Lothe, Mimi Swang 2018

Kunsthåndverk 4/18, Norwegian Crafts Magazine, Review of the Annual Norwegian Crafts exhibition 2018

«Artist of the week» Norwegian crafts association 2018

Review in Göteborgsposten, «Blue collar, White Collar», Göteborg, Sweden 2017

Zenit kulturmagasin, Sverige 2012

Konsthantverk, Sverige 2012

Kunsthåndverk 2/07, Norwegian crafts magazine,

«Ceramic vases, Linda Lothe» 2007

«Artist of the month» Norwegian crafts association 2005

Norwegian arts yearbook 1999, 2003

«Stereo» Cultural program, NRK2 TV, Norwegian broadcasting 2002

Arts & Crafts 4, Educational books 1999, 2007

Kunsthåndverk 1/03, Norwegian crafts magazine, review, «Janssons

VG Newspaper review, Exhibition: «Alice in Wonderland» 2002

Art for everyone, magazine, «Janssons temptation» article 1998, 2005Fristelse» 2003

VG Newspaper review, Exhibition: «Alice in Wonderland» 2002

Art for everyone, magazine, «Janssons temptation» article 1998, 2005