Sailing on your own / seile sin egen sjø

 Sailing on your own / Å seile sin egen sjø

I am Honored

My work "Sailing on your own"  was selected for the Korean International Ceramic Biennale (KICB). KICB is an event to be held in the Gyeonggi-do province, which is at the heart of Korean ceramics industry and culture. It's is to review the current status of ceramic arts across the world and issues of ceramic culture to see and discuss where we should go in the future. In 2021 the theme is Re:Start, and it is the 11th Biennale.

In the international competition held before this event, 1,184 artists from 70 countries submitted a total of 2,503 entries. Six winning artists and 76 artworks were selected.

The Biennale

The Korean International Ceramic Biennale 2021 will be held from this coming October 1st to November 28th at the Gyeonggi Museum of Contemporary Ceramic Art (Icheon City), the Gyeonggi Museum of Ceramic Design (Yeoju City), and the Gyeonggi Ceramic Museum (Gwangju City). Under the slogan of “Re:Start,” the festival delves deeper into the roles of ceramics in the past and the post-COVID-19 era while delivering a message of healing and hope through artistic contributions. It features new endeavours, shows production processes, and includes content that transcends the boundaries of artworks.

RAM Publicatoins

"Ceramic  artist Linda Jansson Lothe has kept a longstanding interest in the many layers of cultural meaning imbedded in the standard Willow pattern. Her project Sailing on Your Own, from 2020, consists of a series of hand painted and tin glazed terracotta dishes, each with motifs inspired by the Willow pattern. In these works, Lothe explores the iconographic elements of Willow, studying them in detail, often isolating them from their original context. 

Lothe plays with this ceramic heritage, as her plates retain the classic 18th century scallop shapes, though roughly press-molded, and at times warped as if wanting to escape from the constraints of serialization."

Teqnique: pressmolded earthernware, tinglazed and painted with cobalt glaze and or underglaze.

Part of the text by Joakim Borda Pedreira, director of RAM gallery, Oslo Norway

Les hele publikasjonen her / Read the entire publication here

 Folding boat / Brettebåt
Boat and blue / Båt og blå pil

 Folding Boat / Brettebåt (20x11x10)

Boat and Blue Willow / Båt og blå pil (31x20)

 Small wave / Liten bølge
Big wave / Stor bølge

 Small Wave / Liten bølge (25x16)

Big Wave / Stor bølge (30x19)

 Apple trees with disappearing boat / Epletrær med forsvinnende båt
Boat and fishing rod / Båt og fiskestang

 Apple Trees with Disappearing Boat / Epletrær med forsvinnende båt (30x20)

Boat and Fishing Rod / Båt og fiskestang (32x21)

Sinking boat with bird / Synkende båt med fugl
The wave and the house / Bølgen og huset

Sinking Boat with Bird / Synkende båt med fugl (38x28)

The Wave and the House / Bølgen og huset (27x17)

Lost sea / Forloren sjø
Blue tree / Blått tre

Lost Sea / Forloren sjø (30x20)

Blue Tree / Blått tre (30x20)

The wave and the boat / Bølgen og båten
The boat / Båten

The Wave and the Boat / Bølgen og båten (30x20)

The Boat / Båten (38x28)

Lost sea / Forloren sjø
Big wave / Stor bølge